Beyond immunization,

rethinking vaccines for complete protection

against infection and transmission

About us

Lovaltech is a French DeepTech start-up created in 2022 to pursue an ambitious research project by the University of Tours and INRAE.

We are committed to the industrial development of a new generation of nasally-administered protein vaccines, and our first vaccine will start clinical trials as early as next year.

Why a new generation of vaccines ?

Every year, infectious diseases are responsible for around 20 million deaths (source: WHO). Today, vaccination is recognized as the most effective means of prevention for protecting populations, including the most vulnerable.

Although current vaccines - administered systemically - protect against severe forms of the disease, they do not block transmission between individuals.

The need for highly effective, broad-spectrum vaccines - against all current and future strains or variants - to protect populations not only from symptomatic forms of infection, but also from transmission/contagiosity, while offering positive temperature storage logistics for equitable access, has never been clearer.

To meet this challenge, Lovaltech is developing a new generation of nasally-administered protein vaccines capable of inducing a broad-spectrum immune response at both systemic and mucosal levels ensuring optimal protection whatever the variability of the pathogen, and blocking inter-individual transmission to achieve sterilizing immunity.

The advantages of Lovaltech technology

1. Nasally-administered vaccines to prevent infection and contagiousness
2. Protein vaccines for universal vaccines
3. Easy-to-administer, non-invasive vaccines
4. Positive-temperature storage for easier distribution, especially in hot climates
5. Safe to use for all populations

The strengths of Lovaltech technology

1. Targeting system (muco-excipients) ensures appropriate vaccine release in the nasal cavity
2. Recognized expertise in protein engineering, enabling us to propose new vaccine candidates within 3 to 6 months
3. Unique expertise in mucosal anti-infectious immunity
4. Intranasal delivery system optimized for biological efficacy

Team who are we ?

Serge Pampfer

CEO of Lovaltech

Patrick Barillot

President & co-funder of Lovaltech

Isabelle Dimier-Poisson

Scientific Director & co-founder of Lovaltech

Mathieu Epardaud

Scientific consultant & co-founder of Lovaltech

Omar Hashim

Researcher and Project Manager

Nicolas Aubrey

Scientific consultant & co-founder of Lovaltech
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